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BetterWorld Studios is a strategic marketing, branding and design group. Our experienced team delivers innovative concepts, targeted content, and award-winning creative. Our unique process includes a thoughtful and collaborative approach with our clients, that consistently produces optimal outcomes.

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Let’s be real. You want more customers… Not the kind that want the cheapest products or services they can find, but the kind that know what they want, why they want to do business with you, and the kind that are willing to pay a little more for genius, style, innovation and real benefits. These, yes these, are the customers you want.

The way to get more of this kind of customer is to understand them and build their trust in your brand. This means your brand needs to be strong, solid, honest, and completely consistent. There’s no time for mixed messages or fluff.

In addition, you want to engage with them, on their terms, on the right devices, in all the right places, at the right time. You want to strategically create robust relationships with your clients by showing them they matter. To do this, you need a little research and a really well-developed plan.


Our award-winning creative is second to none. From building integrated campaigns across all media with responsive websites to eye-catching social media and print, to building brands that last decades, we have a solid track record of delivering the best creative to you and your customers, as we have for all of our clients through the years.

Brand building is our specialty, and it is an integral part of our great strategy and award-winning creative. Our brand work wows your customer and keeps them engaged, while our breath-taking creative catches their eye, grabs their attention, sucks them in and brings them back for more.

We invite you to experience our award-winning creative for yourself! You know what to do.


You watch, you learn, you ask, you listen, you adapt, you innovate, you respond. Unlike your competitors, you don’t re-act, you lead. You perform and customers notice. It’s how you win. It’s also what you expect from your partners – and how we promise to partner with you. Right here. Right now. We take years of experience, we understand, and we promise.

We will always be responsive to your needs – and that means understanding your customers as well as you do. If you work with us, we’re all in.


Julie Fisher

President of BetterWorld Studios. With over 20 years of marketing and business coaching experience, Julie has provided our clients with outstanding strategy, marketing and coaching expertise.


Kel Fisher

Creative Director. He's been at this for 35 years, in the marketing, advertising and design business and still loving every second of it...


The Rest of the Team

Expertise at every level. Our team of talented marketing, advertising and design staff, truly care about you and your success. Be it strategy, design, UX, UI, web development, writing, photography, illustration, and more, we deliver only the best.

"BetterWorld Studios tackled a complex marketing situation by providing research and facts to support their recommendations. Based on the data-driven insights, they delivered elegant and sophisticated creative that really hit the nail on the head."

Carrie Dellinger, Red Comma Media, Inc.

"The Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence Conference in 2008, was one of the best organized events I have had the pleasure to be part of. Thanks for getting me to the conference and for answering all my last minute questions, and for dealing so gracefully with my last minute needs."

Olga R. Trujillo, J.D. , O.R.T. Solutions, Inc. (keynote speaker at conference)

"You respond almost immediately to email and phone calls, which I truly appreciate. That responsive communication doesn't hold up progress on our end. You remain flexible when ideas, schedules, formats change and change and change."

Susan Norby, Executive Administrative Assistant, Berntsen International

"BetterWorld Studios can handle virtually any situation, ranging from how to place advertising for cost effective "reach" to a target audience ... to graphic design and logos ... to writing effective copy ... the whole range! I would highly recommend them and their understanding and ability to get to what the client really needs. They really care about their client's success! I'm very pleased with the results!"

Coach Bill, The Insight Team

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